Import Permit

1. Checklist

There are no documents to be submitted while applying for Import Permit.

2. Process Description

  1. Licensee shall login into the Liquor Trader Management in Supply Chain Management system (URL :
  2. Navigate to 'Received Entry' tab
  3. Navigate to 'Import Application for Out of State' tab or 'Import Application Out of Country' tab
  4. Click on 'Add New' button in case the licensee wishes to apply for a new permit
  5. Licensee would feed in detail in the new form
  6. Post filling appropriate information, the licensee shall fill in the Challan Details and Challan Details (2) (in case Challan (2) is available)
  7. Click on 'Save' once all the details are keyed in
  8. Licensee can Click on Search in 'Received Entry' in case he/she wishes to search for details regarding the previous import pass applied
  9. Once the officer approves/verifies the import pass, the licensee would be able to see the Status as 'Verified'
  10. Licensee can download the Import Permit remotely