1. Checklist

Sr. No Criteria
1 Application for Toddy TD-1 license with five rupees court fee stamp. Only the applicants whose bid or tender has been accepted under the Auction-cum-Tender is eligible to apply for TD-1
2 Receipt or challan of full amount of bid or 1/4 & 1/6 amount payed receipt
3 Shop and establishment act license
4 Proof of ownership of the place. Property documents in case the place at which the project is to constructed is self-owned. Otherwise upload Rent or Lease Agreement along with the NOC from the Owner
5 If the firm is a partnership firm, then upload Partnership Deed Copy
6 FSSAI license
7 Self- declaration stating no pending dues from any other Government Department
8 Undertaking that the applicant does not hold any existing licenses granted under the Maharashtra Prohibition Act, 1949
9 Location Blueprint (4 copies). Note: The place shall not be less than 9 Sq. Meters. The place shall be situated in Municipal Corporation or A/B Class Municipal Corporation shall be within 50 meters. The place shall be situated at least 100 meters away from any educational institution, religious institution, MSRTC bus stand or depot
10 Copy of TD-5 or Tree Taping Permit

2. Fee

Not applicable as the license is auction-based

3. Process Description

  1. Licensee shall login into the Liquor Production & Dispatch Management in Supply Chain Management system (URL:
  2. Navigate to 'Application Entry' tab
  3. Navigate to 'Application Export Dispatch' tab
  4. Click on 'Add New' button in case the licensee wishes to apply for a new permit
  5. Licensee would feed in detail in the Application Export Dispatch
  6. Just in case, the manufacturer wishes to dispatch more than one type of pack size, he/she shall select 'All Sizes'. The licensee can select from the stock available with that particular licensee
  7. Post filling appropriate information, the licensee shall fill in the Transporter Details
  8. Post filling appropriate information, the licensee shall fill in the Challan Details and Challan Details (2) (in case Challan (2) is available)
  9. Click on 'Save' once all the details are keyed in respective tabs
  10. Licensee can Click on Search in 'Application Export Dispatch' in case he/she wishes to search for details regarding the previous export pass applied
  11. Once the officer approves/verifies the export pass, the licensee would be able to see the Status as 'Verified'
  12. Licensee can download the Export Permit remotely