1. Checklist

Sr. No. Criteria
1 Application Form on Company’s Letter Head with the Court Fee Stamp Rs. 5/-
2 Challan Copy for the Application fees of Rs. 100/-
3 Proof of ownership of the place. Property documents in case the place at which the project is to constructed is self-owned. Otherwise upload Rent or Lease Agreement along with the NOC from the Owner
4 If the firm is Private Limited Company, then upload Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association document. If the firm is a partnership firm, then upload Partnership Deed Copy along with the Aadhaar cards of all Directors/Partners involved (with form 32)
5 Proposed Warehouse Blueprint (4 copies). Note: The area of the warehouse premises shall be at least 45 sq. meter and shall have a storage capacity of at least 2,500 cases of country liquor at a time
6 Self- declaration stating no pending dues from any Government Department
7 Bank guarantee / solvency certificate
8 Documents regarding the procurement details of Country Liquor (Letter from CL-I)
9 Antecedent Certificate from the Police Department
10 Undertaking for following rules and regulations
11 Authorized Construction Certificate

2. Fee

Sr. No. Type of License Description of License Fee for grant / renewal / continuance for one year / one case (in₹)
(1) (2) (3) (4)
C-2 Form CL-II License granted under Rule 14(2) the Maharashtra Country Liquor Rules, 1973 authorizing the storage and wholesale sale of duty paid country liquor to retail shops- For annual sale-
  Minimum fees or sale of preceding one year up to 25,000 cases of 9 B.L. or nil sale. 2,98,860
(a) Above 25,000 cases of 9 B.L. each. 12.00 per case
Fees for the existing licence-holders shall be paid as per rate prescribed above, in the applicable slab, considering sale of the preceding year.

3. Process Description for CL-II

  1. The applicant shall pay the application fee in GRAS
  2. The Applicant shall submit the duly stamped application form for availing the license along with the checklist documents to the Commissioner, State Excise. The Challan for the application fee shall be submitted along with the other documents
  3. Once the application gets approved, the applicant shall pay the License fee in GRAS and submit the Challan copy to the Commissioner, State Excise
  4. The applicant shall collect the license copy from the District Superintendent once the license has been granted