1. Checklist

Sr. No Criteria
1 Application Form - Form P.L. A (On Company’s Letter Head) with the Court Fee Stamp Rs. 5/-
2 Challan Copy for the Application fees of Rs. 500/-
3 Proof of ownership of the place. Property documents in case the place at which the project is to constructed is self-owned. Otherwise upload Rent or Lease Agreement along with the NOC from the Owner
4 If the firm is Private Limited Company, then upload Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association document. If the firm is a partnership firm, then upload Partnership Deed Copy along with the Aadhaar cards of all Directors/Partners involved (with form 32)
5 Proof of utilities at the proposed site
6 Certificate of Incorporation in case of a company
7 Proof of Non-Agriculture Land
8 Consent to establish from Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) for LOI and consent to operate for license
9 NOC for Fire at the time of license
10 Manufacturing process of Foreign Liquor (in 4 copies)
11 Proposed project layout map or Blueprint including details of equipment (4 copies)
12 Detailed project report (including availability of raw material)
13 Details of foreign investment, if any
14 Self-declaration stating no pending dues from any pending Government department
15 Undertaking for following rules and regulations
16 Copy of firm’s PAN Card /TAN Card
17 Antecedent Report from Police Department

2. Fee

Sr. No. Type of License Description of License Fee for grant / renewal / continuance for one year / one case (in ₹)
(1) (2) (3) (4)
A-2A Form PLL License for manufacture of Potable Liquor granted under Rule 15(2) of the Maharashtra Distillation of Spirit and Manufacture of Potable Liquor Rules, 1966- For annual production-
  Minimum fees or average production of preceding year if up to 2,09,000 cases each of 9 B.L. or for nil production 33,20,625
Above 2,09,000 cases of 9 B.L. each. 16.00 per case
Fees for the existing licence-holders shall be paid as per rate prescribed above, in the applicable slab, considering production in cases of 9 B.L. each of the preceding year.
A-2B Form PLL License for manufacture of Potable Liquor (Grape Brandy made purely from Grape Spirit without blending with any other spirit) granted under Rule 15(2) of the Maharashtra Distillation of Spirit and Manufacture of Potable Liquor Rules, 1966 to holder of license in Form ‘BRL’ (for manufacture of wine) and license in Form ‘I’ (for manufacture of grape spirit) granted under relevant rules. 1,06,260

3. Process Description for PLL

  1. The applicant shall pay the application fee in GRAS
  2. The Applicant shall submit the duly stamped application form for availing the Letter of Intent along with the checklist documents to the Government. The Challan for the application fee shall be submitted along with the other documents
  3. Once the Letter of Intent has been granted, the applicant shall collect the LOI from the Commissionerate office
  4. Post the completion of proposed project, the applicant shall communicate to the Government
  5. The applicant shall submit the checklist documents to the Government
  6. Once the application gets approved, the applicant shall pay the License fee in GRAS and submit the Challan copy to the Government
  7. The applicant shall collect the license copy from the District Superintendent once the license has been granted